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Welcome to Bartell Dental Tijuana Implants, My name is Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and would like to thank you for visiting my site. My main focus is Restorative Dentistry. Next to me is Dr. Minerva Avalos, her main focus is Cosmetic Dentistry and we always work as a team to offer you the best Service possible and at good Prices.

If your Dentist is my father, Dr. William Bartell Sr. feel free to call us and we will book you with him.

We do all kind of Dental work from Cleanings to fillings, crowns, dentures, implants, crowns, etc.. as you can see on our Services page.

If you have any questions or want to setup an appointment you can reach me at Mark@Bartelldental.com or call me at 619-870-0440, 619-730-3261 and you can txt @ 619-943-9879.

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Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and Dr. Minerva Avalos
Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and Dr, Minerva Avalos

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6 Reasons to Choose Bartell Dental Tijuana

Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and Dr. Minerva Avalos offering honest quality service.

Experienced professionals

Established since 1975, we continue to follow the quality service and values that have been offered since opening.  Our goal is fixing whatever problem or pain your teeth may have.

Premium quality materials

We choose our material used very carefully.  What we offer is the same we would use in our own mouths.  My way of thinking, why deal with subpar materials, it will only bring more headaches down the road…

Customized Service

We adjust ourselves to you and your needs.  Whether it is cleaning, fillings, extractions, Dental Implants, etc..  Or you tend to be more nervous at the Dental office, we take our time to treat each of you with care and patience.

Nice & Helpful Staff

If you need any help with directions getting around Tijuana, we can help you.  Whatever your concerns are or questions you may have, bit it transportation, directions/recommendations to a Restaurant, Doctor, Hotel or anything else feel free to ask.

100% kids friendly

While our primary area is with adults, we do have Patients who bring their kids for cleanings, checkups, extractions and other more advanced treatments.  What we don’t offer is braces, but we can help referring you to one.

Lots of positive reviews

Feel free to check my reviews:

Google Maps link: https://g.page/BartellDental?share

My Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/BartellDental/

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A Full Range of Dental Services

Deep Cleanings, Fillings, Extractions, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants, etc… We offer a wide range of dental services!  Check out our Services Page for more info and Prices!


From Standard Deep Cleanings with Ultrasonic Scaler and Polishing to Deep Periodontal Cleanings with Bone Grafting.
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Lets remove your cavities before it’s too late!  Or maybe replace some of your older white/silver fillings for new ones.  Remember nothing lasts forever!
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Crowns / Bridge

We offer multiple types of material.  The oldy buy goody Metal-Porcelain Restorations to Top of the line Zirconia Crowns/Bridges!  Let up fix up your teeth.
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Missing a few or all of your teeth?  We have more conventional options such as Flexible Partial Dentures and Full Dentures!
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Root Canals

One option before removing a strong tooth that is causing you pain to perform a Root Canal!  Done with one of our top On-Call Specialists.
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Missing 1 or more teeth and want a fixed option?  I offer you a wide range of implant options to meet your needs.  Call Us for an appointment!
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Between 5th and 6th St.
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