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Here are Bartell Dental Tijuana, your smile is our Goal

The office has been around for over 40 years by my father, Dr. William Bartell Sr. Saying that we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Dr. Minerva Avalos and I, Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell run the day to day business here.  We offer the same level of service and kindness my father taught us.

We are Bartell Dental Tijuana

Bartell Dental Team
Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell

The word of our head doctor

“If you’ve put a smile on someone’s face today, you’ve done more good than you know.”

– Richelle E. Goodrich.

“You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep”

Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell

Dental Implantologist, Restorative Dentist

Safety & Quality

We take precautions for every procedure we do.  There are cases when a patients wants to save his tooth and sure we could charge him $600 for a “great job” that would last maybe a few months.  On the picture to the right, this was a long case, Implants require that and especially for so many teeth but look at the after….  Patience is a virtue and with that comes SAFETY AND QUALITY in our work.

Restoration using Implants

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